My feelings and the impact of this video, on myself, may well be different simply because I am in the video. It also builds toward something I have been working hard towards for a short time. When I first watched the video, I was hit by just how much everything was culminating in this event (Heart Tay Heart), it was actually going to happen - I mean I knew that already but, well, it kind of hit me really close.

Jamie and Leigh in their own right, bring together well what we are hoping to work towards, an idea, just like physical health, that mental health deserves that equal footing. Sometimes this can be a difficult concept to imagine, particularly when others can use and abuse as a result of our mental health. But by the same token, there are many who are standing up, putting their names and their faces to the idea that it is right to give mental health equality and recognition for what it is. 

Something, that affects all of us. 

It is brave to do so in a world that is not quite there yet, I can only applaud these guys for being willing to stand up and be counted, the organisations, charities and businesses that are coming together to try to leave an imprint in Dundee on what is possible. Thank You!

Another thank you must go to Ross from he has supported us with enthusiasm from the outset, imparting his much needed creative prowess where it has been very much needed. Again, thank you.

What were your thoughts after watching the video?

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Dundee Mental Health Awareness Week