It's all about you

Heart Tay Heart is bringing together people all across Dundee, from charities, organisations, and businesses, but it's you, the individual, that this week is for. We want to hear from you. What does mental health mean to you? How do you look after your own mental health? What do you struggle with? 

We want to collect around 100 stories from the people of Dundee, and put them into an eBook (a digital book), for people to read. Please make your story anonymous if that's how you would like it to appear in the book.

The idea is, your story could help someone. Someone might be struggling right now, like you were, and reading your story might help them.

We expect to get a lot more than 100 stories, so won't be able to include them all in the book, but we will attempt to choose a wide range of experiences and stories to cover the many faces of mental health.

How to Submit Your Story

To submit your story, please visit Kevin Anderson's page here.

Our Events Programme will be available for download in March 2017.

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Dundee Mental Health Awareness Week