Pledge to make a difference in the workplace

During the Heart Tay Heart mental health week in April 2017, we'll be asking businesses and local organisations to make a pledge towards mental health. Whilst the week itself will be fantastic for raising awareness of mental health and starting the conversation, we want it to have a lasting impact, which is how the idea of pledges came about.

We will be collecting pledges on our opening night, so make sure to attend the event!

Business Pledges towards Mental Health:

Vital Hike
We will be considerate and understanding of the mental health of those around us. 

We will promote mental health awareness where possible, to spread awareness and end the taboo. With this in mind, we will be hosting and maintaining the Heart Tay Heart website and domain as a community initiative for the next year.
As individuals, we will be more forgiving of ourselves, and look after our own mental health as we would a physical injury. In this way, we’ll then be equipped to support others struggling with mental health.