The faces behind Heart Tay Heart

A few of us have collaborated before on other charity events, but it was only in the Summer of 2016 that we all got together for the first time and discussed the real possibility of setting up a mental health week for Dundee itself in 2017. It was scary at first, and seemed impossible, but the more we talked, the more we realised we had the skills to get this off the ground.

So please take a look at our fantastic team below, get to know us, and feel free to get in touch with any of us if you have any ideas or thoughts about the #HeartTayHeart week in April 2017 ! 

Louise Johnstone

Team Leader

Louise Johnstone runs her own personal training business here in Dundee. This has allowed Louise to work with a variety of individuals to motivate and support them to make positive health and fitness changes to their lifestyles. She has seen first hand the positive impact that physical activity can have on mental health. This has been experienced on a personal level repeatedly, through her running and rugby. She enjoys taking on charity adventures to raise money for local mental health charity, Dundee Association for Mental Health (DAMH). Louise is incredibly passionate about raising the profile of mental health and encouraging the conversation around mental health to be ‘normal’.

Sue Black

I am currently working as a Project Manager with Dundee Association for Mental Health. After almost 30 years of working in mental health I still enjoy the daily challenges associated with this work. I personally love the outdoors and very much see the link between spending time with nature and engaging in physical activity as a way to help people maintain their well being. I hope as part of the Awareness week individuals will be able to explore ways in which they can help maintain their well being and support others to do the same.

Jo Whaite

Angus Active Schools Co-ordinator

Focussing on ‘Getting More Children, More Active, More Often’. Part of my job is to integrate the importance of mental health and the use of physical activity in lifting mood, training the brain and Growth Mindset. What are Endorphins? Let’s use them to our advantage! #nevergiveup

Karran Bonner

Karran Bonner is passionate about supporting individuals to develop and be the best they can through coaching and training in her business Brightside. So many people in Scotland and the UK as a whole don't have the confidence to follow their dreams, in my work I try to unlock that. Mental health is a topic close to her heart having experienced a tough time in her teens and seen people she is close to suffer with stress related illnesses. No matter if you have ever had depression or not, Karran believes everyone should have a focus on their mental health. Her role in the team will be to support Louise and the team to get as much exposure for Heart Tay Heart in spreading awareness of mental health in Dundee. Here's to a great event.

Rosie Summerton

Rosie was brought up in California, moving to Linlithgow when she was nine. She attended Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Winchester School of Art where she studied painting and sculpture. She got involved in a wide range of community art work initially in Dundee then throughout Scotland working with a wide spectrum of people of all ages, genders and walks of life. Eventually she chose to work specifically with people with experience of mental health problems because she could not only identify with many of the things people were going through but also she had first hand experience of how the arts could transform and enhance people’s lives. She became manager of the Arts Advocacy Project at Dundee Rep Theatre in 1997, a job dedicated to the ethos of arts as advocacy, using the arts to express and explore views, ideas and opinions and to regain control of your own healthcare. After a highly successful six years she went on with participants and staff to form Art Angel, which has continued to evolve and develop according to the needs, ideas and wishes of its ever growing participant community.

Kevin Anderson

The Storyteller

I’m a storytelling and communications coach. It’s the first ‘job’ I’ve genuinely loved. And, I wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t for my own mental health battle. I suffered from stress and anxiety which led to depression. Off work and medicated - I had time to evaluate my life. I made big changes. Communication was the key to getting me well again.

Dundee Mental Health Awareness Week