Heart Tay Heart held their first EVER Mental Health Awareness Week in Dundee from 21st April - 28th April 2017.

Have a look back at our 2017 week here, or head over to our Facebook page to keep up to date on the planning of Heart Tay Heart 2018!

- Who We Are -

The 2017 Team

A few of us have collaborated before on other charity events, but it was only in the Summer of 2016 that we all got together for the first time and discussed the real possibility of setting up a mental health week for Dundee itself in 2017. It was scary at first, and seemed impossible, but the more we talked, the more we realised we had the skills to get this off the ground.

So please take a look at our fantastic 2017 team below!

Louise Johnstone
Team Leader
Louise Johnston runs her own personal training business here in Dundee. This has allowed Louise to work with a variety of individuals to motivate and support them to make positive health and fitness changes to their lifestyles. She has seen first hand the positive impact that physical activity can have on mental health. This has been experienced on a personal level repeatedly, through her running and rugby. She enjoys taking on charity adventures to raise money for local mental health charity, Dundee Association for Mental Health (DAMH). Louise is incredibly passionate about raising the profile of mental health and encouraging the conversation around mental health to be 'normal'.
Jo Whaite
Focussing on ‘Getting More Children, More Active, More Often’. Part of my job is to integrate the importance of mental health and the use of physical activity in lifting mood, training the brain and Growth Mindset. What are Endorphins? Let’s use them to our advantage! #nevergiveup
Rosie Summerton
Rosie was brought up in California, moving to Linlithgow when she was nine. She attended Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Winchester School of Art where she studied painting and sculpture. She got involved in a wide range of community art work initially in Dundee then throughout Scotland working with a wide spectrum of people of all ages, genders and walks of life. Eventually she chose to work specifically with people with experience of mental health problems because she could not only identify with many of the things people were going through but also she had first hand experience of how the arts could transform and enhance people’s lives. She became manager of the Arts Advocacy Project at Dundee Rep Theatre in 1997, a job dedicated to the ethos of arts as advocacy, using the arts to express and explore views, ideas and opinions and to regain control of your own healthcare. After a highly successful six years she went on with participants and staff to form Art Angel, which has continued to evolve and develop according to the needs, ideas and wishes of its ever growing participant community.
Sue Black
I am currently working as a Project Manager with Dundee Association for Mental Health. After almost 30 years of working in mental health I still enjoy the daily challenges associated with this work. I personally love the outdoors and very much see the link between spending time with nature and engaging in physical activity as a way to help people maintain their well being. I hope as part of the Awareness week individuals will be able to explore ways in which they can help maintain their well being and support others to do the same.

Businesses Who Got Involved

The fantastic businesses below all got involved and committed to our 2017 mental health awareness week in Dundee;

Business Pledges

The businesses that got involved in 2017, whether through sponsoring us or simply attending an event, made pledges towards raising the awareness of mental health and starting the conversation. Check out their pledges below;

Vital Hike
"We will be considerate and understanding of the mental health of those around us.

We will promote mental health awareness where possible, to spread awareness and end the taboo. With this in mind, we will be hosting and maintaining the Heart Tay Heart website and domain as a community initiative for the next year.

As individuals, we will be more forgiving of ourselves and look after our own mental health as we would a physical injury. In this way, we will then be equipped to support others struggling with mental health."

Charities We Worked with in 2017

There are a number of great charities throughout Dundee all focusing on different aspects of mental health. One thing we aimed to do with Heart Tay Heart in 2017 was highlight all the fantastic work going on in Dundee - its tough to find out everything that's going on. 

We met with each of the charities below and they got on board with the first Heart Tay Heart event in 2017, for which we couldn't be more grateful!

Our Make a Mask Event

The central event of Heart Tay Heart 2017 was our mask exhibition in Slessor Gardens. A number of local charities and schools got involved in creating their own masks to illustrate what mental health means to them, and through the help of our sponsers, the masks were then displayed in Dundee's beautiful new Slessor Gardens. It really highlighted that mental health can mean a wide range of things to many people. Click below to read more about this.

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- Events -

Other 2017 Events

There were a number of events going on around Dundee during the week of Heart Tay Heart in 2017, with a real focus on reducing the stigma around talking about mental health. Check out the events programme below to see the main events that were going on. On top of this, there were a number of other smaller events going on around the city, which we are super proud to have been a part of!

Heart Tay Heart 2017 Events

Download 2017 Events Programme
- In The News 2017 -

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Dundee Mental Health Awareness Week - Heart Tay Heart

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All organisers have done a superb job in bringing this important subject home and opening up the conversation here in Dundee.

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