Dundee Mental Health Awareness Week
Returning in 2018





- Heart Tay Heart -

Our Aims

Open the conversation about mental health in Dundee

Listen to the stories of Dundonians and their journey with their own mental health

Highlight practical strategies to help manage and recover from mental health challenges

- What You Can Do To Help -

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- Heart Tay Heart Events -

Events from Heart Tay Heart April 2017

Dundee Dragons Wheelchair Sports Club Events

Multiple events throughout the week with the Dundee Dragons Wheelchair Sports Club


Unspoken: A discussion of ill mental health in the Disabled community

Facilitated Discussion group where people with disabilities can discuss mental health experiences


Pre-Launch Opening Event at Freedom Hairdressing

By invitation only. A selection of the created masks will be on display for one month.


Heart Tay Heart Dundee Walk

An official Heart Tay Heart Dundee walk on Ramblers Scotland 'Medal Routes App' which will remain 'live' after the event.

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Chloe Duff

Over 1.6 million people in the UK suffer from an eating disorder. I’m not proud to say that from the age of fifteen, I have been one of them. What I am proud to say is at almost twenty one years old, I will no longer let it consume me.

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Meet The Team

Louise Johnstone
Team Leader
Kevin Anderson
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